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El Castor is a new regional spirit that represents the Costal terrain of California. This unique spirit portrays the most distinct characteristics of California and the West Coast. With one taste you realize the distinct flavors reflecting the ragged coastline and crashing waves of the Pacific. As the aroma continues the wild flowers and arid hills become more apparent, finally leaving you with the sweet taste of the sun setting in the West.

The Beaver Tail Cactus: 

Native to the West Coast, this wild growing succulent is an ideally sustainable plant providing the prickly pear fruit for El Castor.  Unlike traditional grapes, fruit, or grain, the plant requires no water nor pesticides, and only minimal maintenance.  Additionally, it gives back to the surroundings, in draught times allowing coyotes, foxes, rodents, and birds to survive off of it’s life giving fruit. 

With the environment and quality as our priority, we have focused on optimizing every step.  As an outcome, our proprietary process ensures responsible decisions are made from FRUIT TO GLASS. 

Claro: Our clear unaged spirit. Defined by a crisp, fresh, and sweet tast portraying the purest notes of the prickly pear

Reposado: Our two to six month aged spirit is lightly aged on charred oak. Imparting a beautiful light golden color. Hints of vanilla and smoke are present, complementing the sweet and smooth taste of the prikly pear.  

Anejo: After 12 to 18 months of aging this spirit takes flavor to another level. Further enhancing the unique quality of the pear whilst blending the distinct flavors of the barrel. At this stage the spirit becomes part of the barrel creating a sybiotic relations ship. Both become ingrained with the amazing flavors of the surrounding coastal environment.  

Extra Anejo: Our three to five year spirit is nothing short of perfection. The sophisticated notes and flavors that are drawn out in this spirit rivals the best in the world. This spirit changes everything