Birdview Distillery was founded by two brothers, Scott and Kurtis Major on the concept of weaving together four distinct traits.

Simplicity, Tradition, Quality, and Differentiation.

We began as children in our grandfather’s Southern California backyard, surrounded by an endless abundance of wild fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.  We would harvest these at random and stuff them into an old beer keg with some water.  After some time in the sun, the liquid would ferment.  At the time, we thought we were concocting “magic potions”.  We did not realize that this was our first step to a more systematic exploration of the history and techniques of fermentation and eventually, distillation.

In 2008, we focused on the idea of capturing the sense and spirit of the California coastal terrain where we grew up. With this in mind El Castor was born. A new regional spirit that would represent not only California but the whole West Coast.  We began by hand-harvesting the bright crimson, intensely prickly fruit of the wild beavertail cactus and refining it into a hand-crafted spirit, using ancient distilling apparatus and self developed techniques. Our spirits are uniquely Californian, and represent the west coast spirit. 



Scott is a sculptor, welder, fabricator, and ceramicist.  He is a rouge engineer with an artistic drive that can build anything.  While he’s not working on his ’57 Chevy street rod you can find him in the shop melting metal.  

Kurtis Is a printmaker that makes and thinks with his hands.  He finds interest in manipulating raw materials.  In between projects you can find him pursuing traditional methods of art and manufacturing.